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At your business

Software, Hardware and related services

We love our tech

Servers, Networking, Security  – we get projects done.

In the cloud

Focus on your business, not your piping

We Enable

Microsoft, Amazon, Google, or our own Local solution, we’ll make sure you can focus on running your business, not your servers

We Code

We can build, connect or automate anything

Cause we can

.Net , php, JS, SQL, HTML – We’ve been building the web for the last 10 years .

What Else We Got?

Why choose us ?

We know there are many companies to choose from, many are good. but here is what we think makes us unique:
  • Multidisciplinary – We are a small team, with experience and proficiency. We love mixing up infrastructure with code. we all do networking and operating systems, and we are all security aware
  • Quality oriented – Kiwinet has been doing business for over a decade, and we have been constantly improving quality assurance processes.
  • Experienced – Our team  members have at least ten years of experience each, we’ve all been exposed to many environments, and all kinds of technologies, and we will be happy to apply it to your benefit !
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Kiwinet is the ultimate multi-purpose IT team!

A multidisciplinary team, with the experience and commitment you can depend on !
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