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Welcome To Kiwinet

Kiwinet has been operating for over a decade, creating and maintaining high end solutions. We have learned how to help our customers achieve their  business goals – Tailored customer service, Personal attention, detailed design and planning !

Who Is Kiwinet

To help our clients achieve their business goals through technological advancements .
Detail Design, Careful deployment, close personal touch .
Whatever the IT mission, we are ready and able!
Ask our happy clients – Big or Small, we have enjoyed long lasting relationships.


  • Linux – Centos, Ubuntu, RedHat, Suse
  • Coding – HTML/CSS/ASP/PHP/JS
  • Cloud Services – Private/Public Clouds based on Microsoft/VMWARE/Xen/KVM or Amazon/Azure/Softlayer
  • Microsoft Software – Active Directory / SQL / Exchange and more !
  • Security – We combine leading vendors with amazing Open Source solutions ! (checkpoint/Mcafee/Cisco and OSSIM/PFSENSE and More

Meet Our Team

Laetitia boasts experience in many IT systems, and has catered to many well know companies in the Industry.Not only is she trusted with the management of a mission critical system at a large Credit company, She also manages all commercial aspects of Kiwinet, as well as our billing system .
Luchy is an expert at open source systems, networking, and has been working in various roles for Internet and ISP companies for the last ~20 years. he played significant role in many cloud setups and is incharge of our own cloud, as well as our public cloud services (such as setups migrations etc.)
Zvika has been leading our development, playing key parts in building billing software for a large Telco, as well as our own billing software integration. Zvika has time proven experience with various front end and background technologies, as well as the experience needed to deliver the most demanding software projects
Eyal is an expert with Microsoft and Open source systems, he has been in charge of delivering many private cloud solutions. Eyal is highly proficient with backup and storage systems as well as networking solutions  .

Our Happy Clients