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Kiwinet’s Areas of Expertise

Systems and Networking
Windows, Linux, Routers & Switches – were up to the challange ! web servers, mail servers, ERP, CRM – you name it, we do IT !
Siem, Firewalls, Vulnerability scanning, penetration testing – These and others are the tools in our arsenal to assist you with risk assessment and mitigation. (and we do a lot of open source !)
.Net, PHP, Node, HTML, JS – We engage in special project and love building sites and apps.
Cloud Services
Be it our own cloud, Amazon/Softlayer/Azure/Google or your own VMWare/Hyper-V/XEN or KVM solution, we can help you transfer you apps or systems to the cloud. We are here to help you focus on your business.

Systems and Networking

We build and maintain solutions that work (for you)

Microsoft Windows, Linux, Switches and Routers

No matter which vendors you prefer, we’ll keep your systems up and running !.


We'll help you manage your IT security, with a risk based approach

Identify and Mitigate risk

We know whats out there, and we have the tools to help you stay safe.


Kiwinet has the know how and the tools for any custom development task .

Build anything

We can make your vision a reality.

Cloud Services

By helping them migrate or start in the Cloud.

We help many business do business

Focus on your business, not your Servers !

Why Choose Us

      • Experienced – Over ten years of experience – Kiwinet, and each of it’s members !
      • Innovative – We keep on to of the stack, to find you the solutions that will give you the edge !
      • Customer oriented – We will tailor solutions to your need, no hard lines, we won’t try to fit you into a template !